Thing or two about golf lovers

Lucy and Desi—TV's comedy couple Luke and Laura—Lovers on General lovers from A Midsummer Night's Dream Mashie and Niblick—For golf lovers Mickey and Tweety—May require supervision Thing 1 and Thing 2—Dr. Seuss's twin. For both golf balls and electrons the wave properties of matter become evident when the de Broglie wavelength becomes comparable to the size of the object. without requiring the observer to open the box, much to the relief of cat lovers.

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Golf Dictionary - The Rock Golf Course - Thing or two about golf lovers

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Course Etiquette - The Rock Golf Course SIGTRONICS Portable 2 way Intercom SIGTRONICS Portable 4 way Intercom AIRPLANE & GOLF LOVERS— In Pristine Prescott, Arizona, our townhomes. The average group tends to feel inferior, while the better group tends to feel superior. A lifelong golfer shoots 66 on her 66th birthday. It serves the joint purpose of adding some competitive meaning to the rest of the holes and also for the losing side to attempt to regain some of the pride lost as a result of their humiliation in the main match.

Even Having a score equal to that of par. Sandies are counted as points in some social golf games. Unless found within a hazard players are generally permitted to move them away, but if the ball is moved while doing so, there is a one-stroke penalty. Hard pan Hard, usually bare, ground conditions. Also called a hole in one. On every hole, the lower of the two partner's scores is matched against the lower of the opposition's scores. If a ball is moved accidentally during the course of a repair, it can be replaced without penalty. Plunk a lie where the ball is on the lip of a lake or other water hazard. Also, a hand-pulled 2-wheel or hand-pushed 3-wheel cart for carrying a bag of clubs, also available in powered versions controlled by remote. This makes for less wear and tear on the cup, resulting in less maintenance for the course. Also, describes a shot struck "thinly" with the bottom of an iron striking high up on the golf ball, causing a low trajectory shot with a lack of control. They are frequently associated with gambling because money, usually small stakes, changes hands depending on which funnies occur. Sprachle play badly, Scottish term. Even though the Mulligan is occasionally taken during friendly play, it is illegal according to the Rules of Golf. The closer the ball is struck to he sweet-spot, the higher the Power transfer ratio will be. Slow play is often a bad habit that has been acquired over time, or perhaps simply the result of never having been taught the proper etiquette of maintaining a good pace. After everyone has holed out they can go straight to the next tee and tee off without having to go back- ward or sideways to find their carts and clubs, making for faster play. The facts are so interesting and true, and its apply on all the people who are the player of the golf and its lover too. This includes stones, twigs or leaves. Stimpmeter A device used to measure the speed of putting greens. Club head The part of a club that used to strike the ball. Grounding the club to place the club face behind the ball on the ground at address. Players must repair their pitch marks, usually with a tee or a divot tool. The first player tees off, the second player hits the second shot, the first player hits the third shot, and so on until the ball is holed. Photo by YouTube. The cut is usually set so that a fixed number of players, plus anyone tied for that place, or anyone within a certain number of strokes of the lead will participate in the subsequent round s. Ostrich The single hole score of -5, or five under par. Ambrose A system of team play whereby each player takes a tee shot, after which the most favorable ball position is chosen. Please use it. All square in match play, a match is all square tied when both players or teams have won the same number of holes. Both are wrong. Letting faster players play through is the right thing to do, and those that are playing through should see it as a courtesy, not an entitlement.

Thing or two about golf lovers - Did You Know? 25 Golf Fun Facts - Golf Blog, Golf Articles | GolfNow Blog

Par threes, since they are shorter, are also a good place to play through. Attend the flag stick When a player holds and removes the flag stick for another player. For example, 4 up with four holes to play is called "dormie 4". Flier lies often result in "flier shots", which have little or no spin due to the blades of grass blocking the grooves on the club face and travel much farther than intended. Have a tee in your hand and step up. Away Describing the golfer whose ball is farthest from the hole. This means that carts must stay on the cart path and that the cart must be pulled up parallel to where the ball is. Scotch foursomes In scotch foursomes teams of 2 players compete against each other. Stand out of view and let the person in the bunker take his or her shot. If you have rented a cart, return it to where you picked it up or ask an attendant where it should be returned to. Wood A type of club where the head is generally bulbous in shape except for the clubface. C Caddy or Caddie A person, often paid, who carries a player's clubs and offers advice. Pros are limited to forty five seconds to hit their shot from the time they reach their ball and the group in front of them is out of hitting distance. Use your common sense. Also known as the Baseball grip. A golf swing is made up of a series of complex mechanical body movements. A penalty of one stroke is applied. If you need to change any clothing before playing, do it there.

In the event of a tie at any given hole, golfers maintain their place in the rotation until someone wins the next hole. Pull a poor shot played severely to the left; as opposed to hooks, which curve from right to left, a pulled shot goes directly left. Artisan A class of membership of a golf club with restricted rights at a low cost. Where words in a sentence are also defined elsewhere in this article, they appear in italics. If required, repeat the process on the other side of the pitch mark. Austin Any ball that lands off of the green yet still on an imaginary line passing through the flag stick. Bye a short game played over the remaining holes when the main match finishes early because one player or team has won by a large margin. Hole in one insurance Since it is customary to purchase a round of drinks after achieving a hole in one, insurance is available to cover the cost. Generally, etiquette is what you should or should not do, while the rules are what you shall or shall not do. See also whiff. Sandies are counted as points in some social golf games. Having to go back and forth between the cart and the ball slows play tremendously. Carts also tend to squeak, so check to make sure that an annoying sound is corrected by you or at the pro shop. Apron The grass surface on the perimeter of the green that separates it from the surrounding fairway or rough. Harder balls compression are intended for players with faster swings but may also be useful in windy conditions. How about two in one round? Lay-up A stroke played with a shorter range club than is possible in order to position the ball in a certain spot. Albatross A hole played three strokes under par. Used for short distance shots. Overlapping grip See Vardon grip P Pace the speed at which a putt must be struck to get to the hole. Applicable when practicing off hard mats.

Dogleg a left or right bend in the fairway. See bunker. It is important that golfers choose the correct tee for their skill level, no matter where the other golfers in their party are playing from. It is the opposite of sandbagging. Dormie or Dormy A situation in match play when a player leads by as many holes as there are holes left to play. Stand out of view and let the person in the bunker take his or her shot. Birdie A hole played in one stroke under par. Block a shot played severely to the right; as opposed to slices, which curve from left to right, a blocked shot goes directly right. D Dead TV-broadcaster slang for a shot in which there is no favorable outcome possible. Most choose to hit the deck. Be aware of your actions. Pro a professional is a golfer or person who plays or teaches golf for financial reward, may work as a touring pro in professional competitions, or as a teaching pro also called a club pro. These colors are not standardized and may vary based on the specific course layout. Park your bag in the area allotted for bags before you venture inside. Use your common sense. Pre-shot routine is the steps an experienced player goes through to get ready for his or her shot. For more serious play you may draw straws. Lie i How the ball is resting on on the ground, which may add to the difficulty of the next stroke. in match play, a match is all square (tied) when both players or teams have won the air over a very short distance and roll the remainder of the way to the hole. Attempting to capture his second Players Championship, Sergio Garcia 10) Moonwalking – To this day, golf is one of only two sports, along with the in a cave like golf-cave which is a very interesting thing for the golf lover.

But, the odds are incredibly low, at one in 64 million! Hole A circular hole in the ground which is also called "the cup", 4. Society An organized group of golfers, usually not affiliated to any individual golf course. Would you want to play on a course riddled with holes? Funnies Terms used during a game to describe various achievements, both positive and negative. Named because the head was originally made of wood, although almost all are now metal. H Hacker an unskilled golfer. As worn by most golfers. Special rules apply when playing from a hazard. A variation is called "up and in". Contrasted with "run". Greensomes is a variation of foursomes, where each side consists of 2 players. Tee times are tight. Pre-shot routine is the steps an experienced player goes through to get ready for his or her shot. Double cross a shot whereby a player intends for a fade and hits a hook, or conversely, intends to play a draw and hits a slice. This may be done to ensure a more comfortable next stroke or to avoid a hazard. Ten finger grip grip style with all ten fingers on the club. Grounding the club is prohibited in bunkers or when playing from any marked hazard. Par threes, since they are shorter, are also a good place to play through. Skins games may be more dramatic than standard match play if it is agreed by the players that holes are not halved. Calcutta A wager, typically in support of one team to win a tournament. Snow and ice can also be taken as casual water, as well as water that overflows the banks of existing water hazards. Condor a four-under par shot; for example, a hole-in-one on a par 5. Play without delay.

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